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These are all special events and moments we all had a pleasure of being a part of, or witnessing. There will be some of Bruce's graphics, in which he so dearly loved to play around with.

He liked to paint all of his hand made items, such as all the LP dividers, 45 sleeves and such. He made his own LP boxes for storing underneath all the album racks. He also made 45 boxes for all the singles too. For any event scheduled, he made up the sign, poster or add to be used. He was a genious at creating something out of nothing, especially when the material was good old cardboard.

There will in time be some of his thoughts, some pictures of family and friends, and simply put, a scrapbook of Bruce. This will grow with time, so come back to see the updates.
   - Henry


News Flash Note:
There's some nostalgic links for you to visit, embedded with the images above.

  • Ricky & The Red Streaks
    • Ricky & The Red Streaks was actually two bands in one. They played throughout Northern California, in the 1980's. We are currently researching any exsisting members for an update.

    It's A Line

  • Bruce's Jukebox
    • Scott Jackson's original watercolor of this ended up being Ye Olde Record Shoppe's last logo. I have included a few sizes for you to grab.

    It's A Line

  • 1st Sale At eBay
    • Bernadette Peters graced the cover of this LP. It was called the Vargas Album. Bruce couldn't believe the final result. I really got to see him act as a child that particular day.

    It's A Line

  • Bruce's Bookmarks
    • These are Bruce's favorite sites. He was an avid WebTV user and unfortunately, never got to surf the Internet with a PC, or even a MacIntosh for that matter.

    It's A Line

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