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The following page is a breakdown of events that followed Bruce's untimely death at the age of 65. Everyone in Diamond Village, as well as anyone who knew Bruce was taken by surprise although, given his current health condition, it came as a relief as we all knew of his pain and suffering.
I apologize for not keeping you abreast with the happenings, in case your wondering. After Mel Knight, discovered Bruce's long lost relatives, we decided to hold off on anymore edits for awhile. Reasons being that we were both very releived, elated, stunned, surprised and totally blown away at the findings, and needed to catch our breath. Now then, I have taken a deep breath, and here's the scoop.

The one relative, James Carlson, who is a cousin of Bruce's living in Winchester, Wisconsin, has sent a notorized letter to Mel and I and we will be contacting the County Administrator soon. We hope to recover all of Bruce's pictures, tropies, plaques, and paperwork and send it to the proper owners, after which we get to scan some pictures to share here on the web. That will be a treat in itself, since there are some missing clues as to Bruce's life, of which this website is all about. James Carlson's father, who happens to be Bruce's uncle, just turned 93 years old. I bet he cannot wait to see some pictures himself. The other cousin Lenore, who resides in Georgia, has been keeping in touch, and cannot wait either to see some images of her long ago days with Bruce, if there are any in the heap of treasures ahead.

We have received numerous other inquiries about Bruce's death, and for those of you that heard it recently, I am very sorry that we couldn't touch everyone sooner. There have also been some trivial events happening around this scene. For one, Ray Brown, who is the founder of Ricky & The Red Streaks, somehow stumbled across this website through a search engine (I haven't inquired as to the "keyword" :) he used). I am totally aware of the Record Shoppe being a well known link on it's keyword strength. It took me almost a year and a half to get it there. Speaking of which, the name is still ours and we will continue to keep it enabled as long as we can.

Some other collectors from around the outlying areas, notably the campus at UC Davis, have been sending some stories of yesterday to share with us. I will have them posted soon. I am awaiting a Punk Rock magazine issue for one of the stories. Yeah, Bruce catered to all walks of life through Ye Olde Record Shoppe, and yes, we are going to enable the site again, for (if nothing else) a novelty act. I might put some of my vinyl up for sale sooner or later, and we still have some goodies that were left over from the auction. Stay tuned, and I will deliver the goods as we find them.

- Mel Knight locates another cousin of Bruce's in Georgia. Her name is Lenore, and offers a few more stories to the pool of events.

- Mel Knight locates one of Bruce's cousins in Winchester, Wisconsin. His name is Jim Carlson, and gives some detail on Bruce's move out West.

- At last, after some rough times, Mel Knight has located some of Bruce's next of kin, and we will continue to research his life and times.

- County of El Dorado, California auctions off Ye Olde Record Shoppe's inventory for $5,500.00. A sad day for a lot of us. The local landmark is no more as far as a physical being, but it's newest chapter has just begun.

- Bruce's Memorial gathering at the Diamond Springs Fire Department's Community Hall.

- Bruce Robert Carlson dies in his sleep at the age of 65.
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