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Ricky & The Redstreaks

Were actually two bands in one. Locally, here in Placerville, California, they were a big name house band, which was well established throughout Northern California. They were known also, as "The Train". Bruce used to play D.J. at some of their gigs, while they were on break.

Ricky & The Redstreaks / The Train
Which band do you think was the better of the two..?
The Train: Rock'n'Roll
Ricky & The Redstreaks: 50's & 60's Sock-Hop
Give us some input about the two if you can...!

View the results of the question above right here...!

Anymore information on this unique and popular band would be appreciated. And, if anybody has any clue as to where these members are today, please let us know. We would like to know.

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