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Bruce "Hoss" Carlson's Tribute Site...

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We're sorry to inform you all of the lose of our close friend and owner of Ye Olde Record Shoppe. We will not be opening the shop for future endeavors other than creating a tribute to Bruce Carlson in it's place. We offer a special thanks to everyone that has graced our pages, and a very special salute goes out to all the patrons that have known and shared in Bruce's life and times as the Icon of Diamond Springs, California. He will be missed in an unmeasurable way.

We will be uploading some pictures of Bruce in the near future for all to view and share. And thanks so much for being a part of one man's huge collection that went beserk...!

Rest In Peace
Bruce Carlson 1936 - 2001
Ye Olde Record Shoppe 1984 - 2001

Flatt-Eggs Music & Design

Webpage and all contents are the property of all Bruce's friends and relatives if any are found. Designed and maintained by Henry aka "Flatt-Eggs", and Mel Knight.


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Ye Olde Record Shoppe's Owner Is Still Spinning

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