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Today is..

Bruce was an Internet surfer in his own sort of way. He relied upon his "funky" WebTV system, which to tell you the truth, was so distasteful as far as trying to adapt his pages too. I finally gave that little problem to the ghost's and the vault entitled "wate of time", and went about to just build the damn pages to conform to the typical PC and MacIntosh. Anyway, he had me come in about once a month and clean his storage of all the trash, favorites and everything else. These are some of his best kept sites and I hope they serve you well too.


Simple Designs For Simple Minds

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This page was constructed with W3e Editor, and was the brainchild of Henry and Flatt-Eggs Music & Design. It is for the sole use of Bruce Carlson to peruse his "purse" full of nostalgic delights in cybersville. Happy surfing my friend..! It was last updated on the 19th of March, 2001

- Henry